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Washington Parish Reservoir

Abuse of Eminent Domain Reservoir Concerns Poll


Rep. Francis C. Thompson passed House Bill 1136 in 2001 allowing sale of land taken by Eminent Domain to Third Party without first offering to sell back to original owner. Self-serving Legislation allowing personal gain by sale of property taken.
Rep. Francis Thompson spent 2 hours using Poverty Point as a model to promote Washington Parish reservoir.

Washington Parish Reservoir  was created by Senate Bill 475 Act 71 in 2003 Regular Session by Thompson's buddy now Sen. Ben Nevers. In an attempt to appease residents, and save face, Sen. Nevers in 2005 files Senate-Bill 278, and
Rep. Ritchie also file House-Bill 518 to limit Land Grab, because of Thompson's Legislation. Mike Thompson is Lake Director.

Rep. Francis C. Thompson

House Bill 1136 in 2001

Currently selling Lakefront lots at Poverty Point Reservoir as:
Senator Ben Nevers
Senator Ben  Nevers
In business with Lake Commission members.
ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS-LLC. and other Corp. may gain.
Rep. Harold Ritchie Representative's Picture
POOLE RITCHIE FUNERAL HOME-LLC, and BOGALUSA MONUMENTS-INC may benefit from digging up graves of Cemeteries.